Retail Stores Coming Soon……..

With an aim of becoming the pioneers of the Hypermarket space in India, ERGMY RETAIL STORE. Brings innovation and value creation to the fore front of its product. From daily essentials and lifestyle products being offered at the utmost competitive prices, we are transforming notions about India’s daily shopping culture, one store at a time.

The ERGMY RETAIL STORE brand aims at creating a legacy in retail. a name that becomes synonyms with every Indian’s daily needs. Our vision is to embark on a journey with the Indian consumers by resonating with their requirements which we fulfill by facilitating value for money through every commodity being offered under the ERGMY RETAIL STORE. We duly oblige to our consumers’ needs by offering a product mix that is both cost effective and enticing.

We have created the ERGMY RETAIL STORE universe by putting ourselves in the customers’ shoes. Which means we want to be with you every step of the way, throughout the day. From your morning tea and your office attire to your furniture and electronic items, we have your covered for every aspect of your life. At ERGMY RETAIL STORE, you can expect to find clothing, bed linens, school supplies, toiletries, skincare, kitchen essentials, fresh produce, furniture and so much more.

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Because we are set on capturing the heart of every Indian, we want to reach every nook and cranny of the country to give you a taste of ERGMY RETAIL STORE. While we have started strong in Metropolitan cities, we are also taking over suburban and remote locations across India to ensure that accessibility remains one of the strongest values of our brand.

We believe in value creation and making our presence felt everywhere, which is why we have made it our mission to resonate with every Indian from the get-go! You can rely on ERGMY RETAIL STORE, no matter what your budget. We believe in marginalization and since 2020 is the year of inclusivity, we have truly made it an integral motto of the brand and demonstrate it in every aspect of our business.