If you need cash now, Cashfloat are ready to help!

If you need cash now, Cashfloat are ready to help!

We specialise in bad credit loans, and many of our customers have far from a good credit rating. Some customers use our bad credit cash loans to help rebuild their credit score. Yes! Paying back your loan on time is another way of improving your credit file, which will make it easier for you to get accepted for credit in the future.

Will my poor credit history make my loan more expensive?

At Cashfloat, we do not differentiate between customers with a good credit score or poor credit score. We don’t believe that those with bad credit should have to pay more for their loan, therefore we charge customers all the same interest rates.

Can I get cash loans with no credit check?

No. Being a responsible lender, Cashfloat will not approve a loan application without reviewing the credit file of the applicant and doing affordability assessments. We would love to provide cash loans to everyone who needs, but borrowing a loan you cannot afford can cause you serious money problems. We want to avoid this, so we ensure that anyone who receives a loan can afford repayments.

Since several popular brand names in payday lending such as Wonga, Provident Personal Credit Limited, and PiggyBank Loans have stopped lending due to complaints about unscrupulous lending, many people have lost their trust in payday loan companies. At Cashfloat however, we only started lending after the FCA restrictions and regulations were established, so our policies have been authorised and regulated from the get go, making us a trustworthy, responsible choice.

Why should I rather get a cash loan from a direct lender?

Cashfloat is a direct lender. Check carefully before applying with any company whether they are a direct lender or an authorised credit broker. A credit broker will sell your application to a direct lender,so it’s easier and faster to apply via a direct lender website. To find out who is a broker look at the small print in the footer or checking the FCA register under the reference number and registered trading name of the website.

Does Cashfloat offer cash loans to your door?

Currently, Cashfloat is not offering physical cash to the door. Our loan applications are fully online, and payments are made into a bank account. You can read more about how doorstep loans differ to high acceptance direct lender payday loans in our article: Are doorstep lenders the new bad guys?

Can I apply for Cashfloat’s cash advance loans if on benefits?

Yes, you can. Cashfloat is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, which means that we lend responsibly, doing a credit check on all loan applications. However, even if your credit file is not in great shape, you can get a loan with a bad credit score as long as you have a steady https://www.installmentloansgroup.com/installment-loans-il/ source of income and pass our affordability test. Being on benefits is considered a steady source of income.

How do I know if I can afford the monthly payments?

As with all financial commitments, the applicant has the job and responsibility of calculating how much they can afford to borrow. Making a loan application is a serious matter. All cash loan providers will expect the borrower to sign the consumer credit agreement before granting the short term loan.

When can I apply for a loan with Cashfloat?

Our cash loan application is available online 24/7, like most online lenders. If you want to borrow from Cashfloat, just click “apply now” and you should receive an instant decision once the form is completed. If you are approved you will receive the loan as a lump sum within a few hours. If you would like to borrow from us, but are have a question about something, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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