Garnet and additionally casually shown so you can Greg you to definitely she has around three attention due to the fact she lowered the woman colour so you’re able to wink during the him

Garnet and additionally casually shown so you can Greg you to definitely she has around three attention due to the fact she lowered the woman colour so you’re able to wink during the him

“The content” demonstrates she’s the brand new Amazingly Treasure who’s got the quintessential faith from inside the Greg, advising your never to be bad that he don’t decode the message and additionally persuading Pearl supply him good next possibility during the they. Inside “We need to Chat”, she as well as seems to thought positively of him once the she supported his and Rose’s matchmaking, revealing one to she believe highly from your back then.

She also goes in terms of to provide him specific suggestions for you to enjoys a closer connection with Flower and advised your to not give up learning how-to fuse together with her. The termination of this new episode indicates that she understood (together Coming Vision) that Greg have no was able to fuse which have Rose, but from the dealing with the girl about any of it, he would force this lady to share with you their relationships while the a few do leave the fresh dispute closer to one another.

In addition to, Greg understood one to Garnet is actually a fusion from inside the “Keystone Hotel”, meaning that Garnet presented your Ruby and you will Sapphire will eventually, anything not even Steven realized in the until “Prison Split”.

In Steven’s Dream immediately following Greg try seized because of the Blue Diamond, Garnet informs Steven you to definitely “We will place, Were going to get your back”, which suggests you to she in reality cares in the Greg.


Jamie’s very first come upon with Garnet left your infatuated along with her; Garnet didn’t get back the newest belief, already are a relationship in the and of herself. Once bluntly turning your off and you can breaking his cardiovascular system, she quietly explained to him that he got baffled their feelings of these out of real love. Watching his prospective once the a beneficial phase actor, she after that recommended your for taking right up work on a neighborhood theatre.

Hands People 

Garnet is actually significantly disturbed because of the Hand Group, plus the vision of it unsettles this lady to the point that she nearly un-combines. At the same time, this woman is sympathetic to they, and you may rather she delivers the woman outrage up against Homeworld, hence she believes performed so it in it while the a cruel discipline towards the Rebellion.

She mentions information on its earlier lives such as the reality which they was in fact tucked with her after which have moved missing following the conflict, proclaiming that the fresh Amazingly Treasures had searched for him or her but can perhaps not locate leur site them.


Jasper seems down on Garnet if you are a combination, and therefore she takes into account an inexpensive strategy used to build poor Gems healthier. Garnet, but not, thinks nothing regarding Jasper’s provocation and continues to battle her “you to into the several”.

Just after Garnet is offered winning, Jasper fuses which have Lapis Lazuli to form Malachite that will be next swept up towards the bottom of your own sea. Until the incidents away from “Awesome Watermelon Area”, Garnet daily searched for Malachite within the Earth’s seas. Once reading regarding Malachite’s place during the Hide Island, Garnet fused which have Amethyst and Pearl to make Alexandrite to combat the new rogue combo in the a big competition. Most likely Jasper talking through Malachite reveals that she no further takes into account fusion a cheap trick, however, in fact today observes it a viable treat strategy. With Steven, who had entered the mind off good Watermelon Steven and you may rallied others to protect on their own, Alexandrite was able to beat Malachite, and you can through to the rogue blend poofing, grabs Jasper plus Lapis Lazuli inside the mid-air. The latest Amazingly Treasures conserve Lapis Lazuli, but Jasper was past viewed dropping to your a fissure caused by the huge earthquakes in the Cluster trying to appear.


Garnet is actually proven to be publicly friendly with the Bismuth, having been intimate comrades from inside the Rebellion. On are reunited for the first time while the combat, the 2 are provided joking and you can chuckling along with her. In the Jewel Battleground, Garnet amenities Bismuth when the second finds out of the result of the war. However they reminisce about a battle they had fought together within the. Garnet, also the most other Crystal Treasures, end up being sadness after they find out the basic facts on what occurred to help you Bismuth ahead of place the girl bubbled gem throughout the consuming space.

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