With a name whose reputation precedes JKumar Retail India Pvt Ltd. It Formed as a proprietor later the company converted to a private limited entity in 2019 after gaining commercial success over the years.

At JKumar Retail India Pvt Ltd we believe in value creation for our customers which is the foundation of our business. Our core ethos rely upon resonating with stakeholders which includes clients and shoppers alike.

The company has built its presence across India over the years, though it aims at reaching masses through extending its network extensively to reach the remotest of corners. The company also aims at reaching it’s tech savvy audience by building a strong digital presence in the coming days.

The company also planning to open retail stores to across the pan India. The company has also made its presence felt overseas with it’s export operations which currently extend to over 18 countries worldwide, shipping households, items and daily use products like leather goods, home decor, garments and much more.

Our mission

Aimed at becoming an integral part of our customers’ daily lives, we bring together all necessities and more under one name. From Retail items to electronics , machinery & all other essential goods, JKumar Retail India Pvt Ltd. has proved to be a one stop destination, forging ahead based on seamless daily operations and strategic planning by the best in the business.

What sets us apart:

With a network of clients and business partners like no other, we take pride in being industry leaders of creating value when it comes to daily essentials. We prioritize providing quality products at best prices, which sets us apart from the competition and makes our business sustainable even in the most challenging business environments.